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Map of places with our work and installations

Tim Danahey’s Carpentry’s works and installations are found throughout the United States. Take a look at the map below.


We perform carpentry services and installations for manufacturers and distributors who do not have an economical field presence in our regions.  Our services have been applied to retail store and book store interior completions, indoor and outdoor bleachers, shade structures, playgrounds, park amenities, and creative solutions to various construction problems.

We take pride in our ability to solve logistical issues, properly install various systems, meet deadlines, and create positive experiences for our customers.  Our abilities to listen, communicate, and work with our customers serve us well.

Our approach to growth and personnel vary from many companies.  When we look for potential employees, we look for attitude and teach the requisite skills.  It does not serve our customers well if we were to have the most talented persons in the world who don’t share our values.  It is better to find commitment to service and integrity and systematically teach the skills to perform the tasks.

We will hire the people first and then grow our business according to our capacity.  We will never pursue revenues and then seek to find unproven people to do the work.  It may seem backward and it may prevent too-fast growth, but it assures a high quality standard and successful engagements.

We have performed services in approximately thirty states with a preference to work on the eastern seaboard.  However, we have worked as far away as California and Florida.  We will go where it makes economic sense and try to keep our engagements less than three weeks.

Your calls and inquiries are welcomed.  When you call, you will talk directly to Tim Danahey.  He is pleased to discuss your possibilities and develop solutions for you.